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Radio Airplay

Radio airplay always has been and still is the key way to break a band. Our team of experienced radio consultant target national and regional stations, speaking to radio DJ's, producers and key decision makers, to secure airplay and playlisting for your release.

If you are a US artist, or even touring in the US, finding a good radio consultant can be hard and can often determine the success of you release. M Global Music Solutions understands this, which is why we only work with the best. Our team of experienced Consultants have established a successful career in helping breaking in new talent and working with major labels.

With M Global Music Solutions, our Consultants link your music with radio DJ's, producers and radio station managers, to secure airplay for your release. For only $1,500 this 4 to 6 week campaign.
We will target a range of contacts across different radio stations, both national and regional. We work closely with key decision makers and media to help develop the careers of our clients.

Engage radio plugger and PR department.

Single/album promos are sent to and presented to radio producers and presenters with a press release and tour dates.

Build up support through plays on individual shows, working towards playlist consideration.

 Follow up on all playlist considerations.

 Playlisting is secure

Release week and radio sessions and interviews sent for consideration.

1 week

2 week

3 week

4 week

5 week

6 week

Radio Play Stations Pricing

$1,500 + for 4 to 6 weeks

$3,000 + for 10-12 weeks

*All prices are subject to change*

A radio promo campaign with M Global Music Solutions lasts 4 to 6 weeks on the run up to release date. This carefully strategized campaign targets national and regional stations to secure playlisting for your release. MGMS's experienced team of consultants work with US artists and artists touring or connected within the US.

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