M Global Music Seminar



Learn The SECRET To Getting Wealth In The New Digital Age From The "MUSIC INDUSTRY"


At this Seminar you will learn how to:


  • Collect up to 200% of Your Royalties


  • Get Paid When Your Music is Played


  • Radio Promotion, Online Promotion, and  Viral Marketing


  • Record Label Business Structuring


  • Starting Your Very Own Dgital Distribution Company


  • And much much more.........



Cities that MGMS will be in for 2018

If you don't see your city,  leave your info and some one WILL contact you as soon as possible.


Cartersvill, GA                June-13-2018                   Country Suites 



Lagrange, GA                   June-20-2018                    Wingate



Rome, GA                         July-11-2018                     N/A



Carrollton, GA                  July-18-2018                     N/A

Columbus, GA                            N/A                          N/A