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M Global Music Solutions is a cutting-edge Artist/Label development and distribution company. We provide our clients with holistic and forward-thinking management, continuing education and distribution services.


 There are so meny talented people, that will love to make a major impact in the music industry, however, only few will ever reach this goal. In the business of music Knowledge is POWER. So if you want to have a great chance at being Stardem material, well then equip yourself with the most effactive tool known to man...EDUCATION!


M Global Institute has the only music industry certified curriculum out there. We've gotten together with some of the music industries, top successful, and highly educated executives. Do You Want To WIN!  Then get a head of your competition and be GREAT.   ENROLL NOW!!!


M Global Music Institute...Click Here for more info.


M Global Music Solutions, is the only customer service, people to people based,Digital Distrubution company in the music distribution industry. We provide competitive services and pricing to everyone. Infact, without a dout, the prices are lower than Ditto, Tunecore and CD Baby. We also provide project managers to work hand and hand with our clients, by being physically active (on site) with our clients, it allows us to be a major asset in building and helping shape their music career. M Global Music Solutions, not only distribute single's, EP's, and albums, but we also have a Digital Distribution program, that helps those to increase their wealth and to own your own Digital Distribution Company. Packages starting at $240.....Click Here for more info.


M Global Music Solutions, we pride ourselves in being hands on every step of the way, with the development of are clients so, that they may achieve the level of success, that their heart desire. No matter the size of the package or services you aquire, rather its a single being distributed, a virtual label, or starting your own distribution company. We are right there step by step, hands on with you every step of the way. Let MGMS team of experts have the opportunity to invest, cultivate, and develop your most important asset, YOU!! So dare to be "GREAT"


 Make M Global Music Solutions, Your Music Solutions....Click Here for more info.



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