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How much will it cost for distribution?


It's pretty simple. Our standard package, which includes all major download and streaming platforms worldwide will cost you just  $8 for a single $14 for an EP and $40 USD for an album. You then need to pay a yearly subscription fee of distribution only 12 months after uploading.

How do I get paid?

Most stores report sales on a monthly basis. At this point you can see a complete breakdown by release, track, territory, platform and more in the Sales area. Labels, you can also download an xls sheet for each release to give to your artists.

You can then withdraw the funds into any specified bank or PayPal account from the Money section of your dashboard


Why should I choose you over Ditto,Tuncore?


This one's easy: Firstly, we provide cheaper distribution to more places than Tunecore and Ditto. Also, we never charge a commission.

Apart from that, we don't just sell your music. We give you the tools and services to develop your career. We are your record label, not a digital truck driver. That's why we put on countless gigs for our artists at events like ALL ACCESS,  The Good News Music Showcase.



Why pay for chart registration, isn't every release chart eligible?


Unfortunately, No.

Being ‘chart eligible’ and being 'chart registered' are two different things. Here's how it works:

Every day stores report your music sales to the chart company in country the music is sold (OCC, Nielsen, etc.), but if you are not registered with the chart companies then they will simply ignore your sales. If you're not chart registered you could sell 10,000 copies and never make the charts. What a waste!

We take care of chart registration for you


Can I start a record label with MGMS?


Yes. We will take care of all the registration and admin for you, leaving you free to start uploading all your releases right away.


Can I start a digital distribution company with MGMS?


Yes. You purchase a digital distribution package any where from 60 to 225 song uploads for a 18 month period. And we will take care of all the registration, encoding and admin for you, leaving you free to start selling song uploads making money right away.


How long does it take for my music to go live?


Your release can be live in iTunes within 72 hours of purchasing however we do generally advise to allow up to 3-5 weeks for all stores to become live.


Can I stop services for any of the packages at any time?


Yes, after the first 60 days of your registrations you can deny our services ( i.e Single Deal, Artist Development Deal, or a EP Deal) and get out off the agreement at any time after. However you would at lest have to have the packages for 60 days to make sure that there is, nothing fraudulent going on.



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