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Distribution Partners

Start your very own Digital Distribution Company, and make some extra cash by selling song uploads.Have competitive pricing so you can compete against the other distributors, as well as delivering content to the same online stores as, Tunecore, Ditto, and CDbaby deliver their content to. Stores such as iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Google Play and 80 + online stores.



Thank you MGMS you guys really took good care of me, great team work, its on and poppin now!!


60 Song Upload

 With this simple cost sufficient distribution package, it will surely put you on the path of getting some fast cash and being noticed in the digital distribution industry.


100 Song Upload

 This package is for those who would like to create a strong cash flow, for the extra time on your hands. With 100 song uploads you will definately put some weight to your bank account.


250 Song Upload

This package is the Grandaddy of all digital distribution plate. Belt for the Supreme go getter in mind. With 250 song upload, you may have 99 problems, but cash flow will not be one.

Featured Stores

Our P.R.O Partners

Distribution Partners

    With all of the packages you also get:

  • Free On-Demand through Amazon play

  • Free monitoring

  • Free publishing administration

  • Free encoding ISRC's and UPC/EAN codes

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