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Music Submissions

That Matters.

Yes, you can distribute your music on any  digital distribution outlet out there, such as Tunecore, CDBaby and Dittio. However none of these outlets, get you air play on the #1 internet radio station in the world which is Pandora Neither can they get you charting on the #1 music chart (Billboard) also the Biggest music awards (The Grammys). So that you can have the opportunity to win the most important music award in the music industry. With M-Global Music Solutions, we got you coverd. With a packages starting ate $69.99 +, you too can be hard by and up to 75m listiners, make it to the TOP 10, on the Billboards, and have the same chance, as a major artist have to win a GRAMMY.

All charts and radio submission are just that there only submissions Ariplay or nominations are accepted solely by its own entity NOT M Global Music Solution. MGMS are NOT reliable for the non acceptpance of any submitted songs.

$50 per song submission


The #1 Music Chart in the world.​

 The Billboards is the #1 music chart in the US, to make it on the Billboards charts is one of the biggest accomplishments any artist can achieve in his or her music carrer.There are two more NEW billboard charts. One is the Billboard Hot Digital 100 Song Chartes, thats right you can get on the Billboards from digital radio spins. ​


Tip: Let MGMS partner with you and take care of the other work, so that you can focust on creating great music, for the world to in joy.  Sign Up Today.

$150 per  song submission

The #1 Music Awards in the world.

 The Grammy's is the #1 music awards in the world, the Holy Grail of music awards. And every recording artist would love to have one over the fire place. With the  for ever changing music platforms, ​getting a Grammy can be a lot of work.


Tip: But partnering with MGMS you have a greater chance ate getting closer to success. By letting MGMS, take care of all your paperwork for you, so you can go to the Grammys.

Sign Up Today.

$50 per song submission

The #1 Internet Radio Station in the world​.

 Pandor is the #1 internet radio station, with over 75m  subscribers to date. Get unlimited  tracked radio spins, with out paying thousands​ of dallers. Let MGMS collect your roylties for you with packages starting as low as $59.99/mo. We also do submitions to terrstrial radio station.


Tip: Don't let your hard work just set on a CD, infact let MGMS, register your music so you can get paid when your music is played. Plus keep a 100% of your royalties and your rights.       Sign Up Today.
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