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Kiss The Clouds - O Trace
Young & Fly Remix Ft. Chop Boyz - O Trace
Under The Influence - O Trace
Act Like It - O Trace

About O Trace, Bio



  Fearless….that’s a word that best describes an artist who won’t be put into a standard industry box; one who takes the chances and the risks to stand out amongst a congested crowd. It’s also a perfect attribute to describe Rochester, New York native Tyrence Williams, 24, otherwise known to the world as OTRACE. Taking his moniker from the year that he experienced some defining personal losses, it’s a reminder of the pain he has felt and never wants to relive again as well as a way to pay homage.


  After a few years of releasing various projects and building a considerable buzz along with his team B.O.E. (Brodies Over Everything) “Trace”, as many call him, decided it was time to expand operations. After reaching out to a Florida-based management and consulting firm started by a fellow Rochester native, Trace decided to take his talents to the south. The subsequent on-the-job education has resulted in “Wholesale”, his first project to be released outside of his home region. Led by the infectious lead single “Under The Influence” and its boisterous follow up “All of That”, OTRACE looks to build on an already solid fan base in an effort to garner mainstream attention.


  Working at his craft from a young age, his primary influences were members of his family who have all, in one way or another, garnered recognition and respect for being crafty with the bars. Using that wealth of knowledge, as well as the desire to make sure his daughter never has to endure the struggles in life he did, OTRACE looks to capture the attention of the masses with “Wholesale”. Not being pigeon-holed or boxed-in by a typical sound, the rapper takes chances on the tracks others won’t and conquers every beat convincingly. It’s not style over substance, these are witty, slick bars over records that can crack radio, creating a refreshing dynamic that is missing in today’s climate. The goal is simple: sustained success. 


  Failure isn’t an option with O TRACE. Hailing from the Conkey Avenue (also known as “200 Block”) on the Northeast side of Rochester, the odds are not stacked in his favor. But as he maps his journey to attain his goal, every statistic that he has beaten, every naysayer that doubted, every day he had to struggle is fuel for the indomitable drive of a man chasing his dreams at a sprinter’s pace.

 Young & Fly Ft. Chop Boyz

 Used To (Video) cover song

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