EZ Pay Financing

         Easy. Affordable


With EZ Pay Financing there is no interest, no penalties,

and no hidden costs.


You will have fixed monthly payments paid through your checking account; no need to mail payment in monthly.


EZ Pay Financing allows you to make your purchase now and helps you stay on your budget.


         . No Credit Score Requirement


            . Easy Monthly Payments


                     . Fixed Cost


              . 3,6,12 Month Plans


                 . Quick Approval

         How To Apply

Answer a few simple questions on the EZ Application


Write one chck today to cover your first payment

         What You Need

     . Valid ID / Driver's license

     . One Personal check

     . Employer's phone number

                   You Decide

Choose a 3,6,12 month repayment plan.

You decide what best fits your budget.