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About: Devlon Work


  I'm a underground  artist producer ceo Of 75Northent born in raised in fint mi.a small suburban town ouside of Detroit mi, growing up in flint mi gave me a unique midwest slick sound that stand out from the rest .ive produce songs mc breed 1000Bars money grip veronica collaboration with jazzy dog pharmacy big zach top authority  dayton family preezy did a mix tape with the producer's  Olympics from MMG ice wear vezzo and many more am currently working on my 3rd album shooting  my 3rd movie and working on more vids too add to  my catalog

Do It In Front of Everybody - Devlon Work
Grown & Sexy - Devlon Work
Pocket Waching - Devlon Work

Do it in Front (off:Video)

Univision (off:Video)

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