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 M Global Music Solutions, is the Entertainment Industry's leading music solution company in the digital age. As a Artist Development, Record Label Management / Distribution company, MGMS, is definitely equipped to help you reach your goals. So If you are a manager / artist, that is looking for practical application for developing, or if you are a highly motivated Individual, who love music looking to start your own Recording Label and/or Digital Distribution Company without all of the HASSLE...Thin M-Global Music Solutions, is the right partner for YOU!!!.


Becoming a Partner with MGMS you will have excess to:


  • National Retail and Digital Music Distribution

  • Radio Promotion, Video Distribution, Internet Marketing

  • Record Label (Business) Structuring 

  • Organizational Consulting and Management

  • Artist and Live Performance Development

       And much more.......

We Work With:

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Da GOAT  Factory


1st  Ann 2021


  Come!! NetWork and Perform with some of the Industry's most Connected Taste Makers, with da Keys  da Keys da Keys, through your NEXT DOOR!! to Starr Power

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Call or Text



Call or Text



Where: 760 Old Roswell re, Roswell GA

Get Paid When

Your Video Is Played.

Submit your music videos up to 150+ streaming platforms, a cross the world, that pay out royalties.  M.G.M.S We get you PAID!! when your music video is played..Click Here

M Global NEWS

O-Tarce an upstate NY native, from Conkey&Clifford av, the Rochester NY B.O.E spits fire bars with so much substance, and real life situations that if he opens up the door just a little bit more, he just might Incriminate some Big Homies and himself... more videos

M Global Family
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